The Redeemade Laboratory originated in an idea to combine design and recycling. The Redeemade Laboratory manufactures many products, from small objects to architectural structures. Developed thanks to experiences gained around Europe during the past 12 years, The Redeemade Laboratory, is based on three philosophical principles :-

Redeemade (Redeem Made)

The theory developes and supports the educational aspect of recycling; by keeping the original function of the object recognizable in the final products, The Redeemade Laboratory compensates for the negative image of waste objects.

Zed (Zero Emission Design)

The Redeemade Laboratory dismounts and reassembles components of waste material. The production process is carried out using as less energy as possible. i.e. using your own muscle power

Glocalization (Local Globalization)

To enhance the exchange of recycling innovations, The Redeemade Laboratory will search locally for primary material. In a mixture of world wide ideas applied to local waste, The Redeemade Laboratory will share it’s unique variations of manufactured